Your principal will be used to fund a loan secured by high quality commercial real estate projects such as hotels, apartments, office buildings, shopping centers and medical buildings and commercially owned residential.

  • You receive 6% per year, paid monthly by direct deposit. Your principal is returned in full at the end of the cycle.
  • Easy to reapply your principal to another mortgage loan when your existing loan is paid off by the borrower.
  • You are placed in First Position on all Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loans so your loans are fully secured with your name filed in the public land records.
  • Timely interest payments of all interest and principal to you will be paid by the company assembling the deal, a Multi Million Dollar Mortgage Fund.
  • Your principal never fluctuates in value and is unaffected by the gyrations of the stock or bond market.
  • You never pay any commissions, management fees or asset charges— 100% of your money gets the full 6%.
  • Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loans can be purchased either inside or outside retirement accounts such as Traditional and Roth IRAs.
  • Let your money earn a 6% yield.

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